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The New Challenge

whoa, clue
Tonight is a big night in Kingdom of Loathing. The new, secret challenge path for Fall rolls out at 8:30 PM. The /hardcore chat channel will be full of laughter and roaring arguments and ingenious spading. On the exclusive channel for past champions, all the big players will be discussing who's going to dive in, who's going to sit it out, and who's leaving because now the game is ruined forever. There's always the chance that some old, forgotten item will suddenly become ascension-relevant and quick-thinking investors will make their fortunes. And of course there's the new path itself, and all the new puzzles and strategies to figure out.

I'm going to miss it.

A year ago, at this very hour, I was holding my breath to see if my Summer challenge path run was going to stay on the leaderboards. I'd put a lot of hours into Bugbear Invasion, pioneered some new strategies, and even discovered a few small mechanics that no else knew about. And it all paid off! I ended the season with an award-winning run and a permanent commendation on my profile. After years of fumbling along and standing in other players' shadows, I had my big triumph.

In the weeks that followed I started pulling away from the game and pouring myself into other real-life challenges. I established that KoL was going to take a backseat to my other obligations, and for most of that time I've been under an ironclad vow not to play unless I was caught up on work. Right now I am... not caught up. I probably won't even be able to peek in until the weekend, and I might not be able to seriously try the path at all.

Has it been worth it? Yes. I've been more productive, and I've been able to throw myself into all sorts of other awesome things. Does it still kind of suck? Yes to that too.


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Aug. 16th, 2013 01:28 am (UTC)
Honestly, the best thing about having a Linux desktop has been not being able to play most games. Oh yes, I know there are ways to make it happen; heck, some people on the internet claim they've gotten iTunes up and running in Ubuntu...
Aug. 16th, 2013 02:51 am (UTC)
KoL is a browser-based game from the turn of the century.

Here is some of the art.

I think Linux can handle it.
Aug. 16th, 2013 01:31 am (UTC)
You know, the other thing I think has helped with the computer games has been accidentally fulfilling the needs in other ways. The need to hack and strategize and min-max everything is getting fulfilled by programming and corporate IT strategizing. The need for some sort of fantasy-badassness is getting fulfilled by spinning fire and blathering about Game of Thrones.
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