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Last weekend nfnitperplexity and I went for a hike around Angel Island. This fulfilled three goals at once:

* I've been meaning to go to Angel Island for almost a year, and it was on my latest list of challenges. In general, it's amazing how little I've seen of the bay area after living here for years, and I want to rectify that!
* I've been wanting to do more hiking with nfnitperplexity
* My coworker Mike invited me to join him on one of his hikes. He's twice my age, has four times my stamina, and is so hardcore that the shortest hike he could come up with is ten miles. I've been gradually recovering from joint problems for a while and this was my first big test!

The weather was perfect -- On the way up Mount Livermore we got to enjoy crystal-clear views of the North Bay on one side and quintessential Bay Area pea-soup fog on the other. At one point there was a wall of gray obscuring the sea, the land, the sky... I could have sworn we were looking out at The Nothing.

There's only one ferry back each day, so we had to wait around a lot longer than we'd planned. That gave us the chance to explore and discover a secluded, rocky beach with lots of beautiful striated rock, occasional bits of sea glass, lots of fat jolly seaweed, and molluscs everywhere. We saw a sea lion swim right by us!

It was an excellent day. Coincidentally, Angel Island is the first hike listed in the bay area guidebook nfnitperplexity just bought, Sixty Hikes Within Sixty Miles. Now he's considering working through them all (:

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