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New diet experiment

I'm long recovered from my informative but unfortunate experiment with paleo eating, and I'm ready to try something new. Tomorrow I'm starting a low-carb ketogenic diet. I have a lot of reasons for doing this:

Partly it's just because I've been hearing about it for years and years and I'm really curious.

Partly it's because it's interesting that there's this whole other way my body can work, and I've never gotten to experience it.

Partly it's because I'm nervous about it, and now if I back down I'll just remember this as something I was too scared to try.

Partly it's because there's a nontrivial minority of people who seem to go into ketosis and suddenly have all their health problems vanish. I don't have any reason to think I'm one of those people, but I also don't have any reason not to check and see if I am.

The main benefit I expect to get is a more versatile metabolism. In my experiment with paleo I went lower on carbs, but I didn't drop enough or change my meal schedule enough to stop my body from being fundamentally reliant on them. What I'm planning now is an Atkins-style induction period, where you basically jump in the deep end and force your body to get along with close to zero carbohydrate. That puts you into ketosis, but it also increases the normal fat oxidation process that everyone uses when they metabolize fat. This has some benefits for blood sugar regulation, and gives you some added long-term flexibility with your macronitrient balance. I'm expecting to spend two weeks in induction at the longest, and after that I can go back up to a more varied diet and see what happens.

Everybody loses some water weight when they start a low-carb diet, but I'll be trying hard not to lose more weight than that. Most of my weight consists of actual body parts, which I like.

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